Sign-on to I Am Essential Comments on Short-term, Limited Duration Plan Proposed Rule

The “I Am Essential” coalition has prepared draft comments for organizational sign-on in response to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Short-term, Limited Duration Plan proposed rule. This proposed rule was drafted in response to President Trump’s executive order to promote more healthcare choices for consumers.

Unfortunately, these short-term plans, as proposed, would not have to cover each of the 10 essential health benefits, including prescription medications, and be allowed to discriminate against patients with pre-existing conditions. Under the proposal, short terms plans would no longer be just for 3 months, but for almost a year and can be renewed, making them appear to be legitimate alternatives to ACA compliant plans.  Since people may be attracted to them due to their lower premiums, people may leave the ACA-compliant market and skew the risk pool and increase premiums for those remaining in the ACA market.

The letter outlines the harmful impact short-term plans would have on individuals living with chronic and serious conditions, who most likely would remain in the ACA plans, and the lack of affordable, quality, and comprehensive healthcare for those who might take advantage of the short-term plans.

We encourage your organization to sign on to the comment letter to demonstrate the strong level of opposition to these proposed changes and the harm it would do to the health care market and peoples’ health if the proposed rule were to be finalized.

To sign on to the letter, please fill out this form  by 2 pm ET, Monday, April 23, 2018. 

Please feel free to distribute this letter to your networks. If you need any assistance, please contact Anthony Santa Maria at

Thank you,

Beatriz Duque Long, Senior Director, Government Relations, Epilepsy Foundation

Carl Schmid, Deputy Executive Director, The AIDS Institute

Andrew Sperling, Director of Federal Legislative Advocacy, National Alliance on Mental Illness

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Carl Schmid(202) 669-8267

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